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Jacob Cohën


Jacob Cohën jeans were born with a precise idea: to be the first luxury denim, to be worn even on more formal occasions.
A luxury that had never been seen in the casual world, and that combines Italian manufacturing skill with the highest quality denim fabrics,
with infinite comfort and creativity, and together with refined stylistic research.
Maniacal attention to detail, precious touches like jewel buttons, sartorial finishes, unique back label in fine materials:
every Jacob Cohën jean travels with an Italian pedigree and a cosmopolitan passport. 
And that's why every Jacob Cohën is truly special: a classic, yet collectible.

Jacob Cohën
Jacob Cohen

Each Jacob Cohën jean is the result of a long series of steps, but the actual result exceeds the simple sum of the addends. Like when the same dish is prepared by different cooks. Or the same book is read by different people.
In Jacob Cohën workshops there are those who design, those who cut, those who sew, those who embroider: in an endless series of inescapable steps. And then there are those who wear. And, as in a kiss, it is not a matter of chemistry alone, but of love. In every Jacob Cohën garment there is passion, dedication, attention, research. And love.

Jacob Cohën

Each Jacob Cohën is the result of more than 100 hours of careful steps, performed under the eye of expert technicians. Hours of continuous quality control, of product care that is the essence of Made in Italy, the essence of a luxury product that by virtue of this, must last forever.

Every Jacob Cohën has its own DNA: the canvases all come from the best premium denim suppliers in the world. From Italy, from Japan, with the famous selvedge canvases. All have an intrinsic quality that speaks of tradition and innovation, sustainability and preciousness.
Moreover, the workshops where each jean is assembled are the same ones that saw the birth of the brand, and they are all located in that industrious Veneto region whose soul is linked to the perfection of the Jacob Cohën product.

Jacob Cohën

This is how the luxury idea of a Jacob Cohën jean is really born:
It all starts with a drawing, a pattern, which in turn becomes an endless series of measurements, codes, lengths and proportions. What was once the paper pattern design now becomes, in the companies working for Jacob Cohën, one of the most technologically advanced processes. Digitized, the pattern is broken down into different parts that are projected with a laser onto the fabric, lining or denim. Each cut is of millesimal precision. Denim cutting, for example, is done with state-of-the-art machinery: having scanned the patterns, a sharp blade makes the cut on about 50 denim layers, pressed together to eliminate any air bubbles.
The result is not only perfect in terms of yield, but ideal and necessary so that no fabric is wasted. Only highly skilled workers can operate these machines, the best on the market.

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